A Beginner's Guide to Adjustable Beds

Sleep is a vital part of life for health reasons and relaxation. However, unlike a regular bed, an adjustable bed frame takes sleep to the next level, offering adjustable features for a restful sleep. Also, the beds allow you to watch your favourite movie or read in bed. Furthermore, adjustable beds take into account that different people have different sleeping preferences; hence, you can adjust the frame to suit your preferred sleeping position. Notably, the adjustments reduce body pains associated with the neck, shoulders and lower back. Read on to learn more about adjustable beds.

Split Adjustable Bed Frame

No two people, even couples, have the same sleeping style. Some prefer sleeping on their backs, while others are used to sleeping on their sides. Furthermore, if one of you likes to go to sleep early while the other reads or watches movies from the bed till late in the night, a split adjustable bed frame is ideal. The bed eliminates the inconveniences caused when people sharing a bed are forced to sleep in one position. Most split beds have a button or remote for controlling different settings. You can also choose a bed with two remotes for independent adjustments.

Lumbar Support Option

As people grow older, they need beds that support their backs to reduce back pains. Therefore, choose an adjustable bed with a lumbar support option for a healthy back. Such adjustable beds add some thickness/padding in the position where the lower back rests. Thicker padding eases pressure on the back by offering unrivalled lumbar support.

Zero Gravity Support 

Zero gravity denotes the floating and weightless feeling that astronauts achieve when in space. However, the technology has been replicated in adjustable beds to eliminate the constant gravitational pull placed on the body during sleep. Such beds cause even bodyweight distribution, keeping the spinal cord neutral and removing tension in the body. In addition, the zero-gravity setting allows a bed frame to align the legs and head at a great angle, reducing pressure to the back, shoulders, and neck. The benefits of a zero-gravity adjustable bed include reduced pain, minimal pressure on muscles and joints, and improved sleep. The weightless feeling also enables easier breathing, less snoring and improved blood flow and digestion.

Inbuilt Features 

Nowadays, most adjustable beds come equipped with multiple inbuilt features for a fantastic user experience. Note that beds with several extra features cost more. For example, some models have USB charging ports, alarm clocks, under-bed lighting, variable massage settings and smartphone control support. If you are on a bare-bones budget, opt for essential features that fit your price range.