3 Tips for Buying Replacement Chair Covers

Covers are an essential part of furniture care. They help keep your sofa clean and in optimal condition, ensuring that it lasts longer. Therefore, it is crucial to have more than one cover for each seat so that you can easily swap them when doing the laundry. If you have old seat covers, it is essential to replace them immediately to protect your chairs. This article highlights what you should look for in replacement seat covers.


The sofa covers you see around in most furniture shops are standard and perform only one function: cover your seats. However, in this day and age where consumers are fascinated by multipurpose capability, it is not enough to have a single-purpose slipcover. Covers with side-pockets make for an excellent replacement since they protect your chairs and offer storage space. For example, you can easily store remote controls, phone chargers and magazines on the side of your sofa for easy reach. The versatile replacement slipcovers can also add a touch of uniqueness to your living room since they are not common.

Blended Fabric  

Typically, most people would go for the same fabric when looking for replacement seat covers. It can be attributed to the fact that you get used to the feel of your sofa covers and would not want to try something different. However, going for the same cover fabric restricts your sofa to a particular feeling regardless of the season. It can be boring and leave you with furniture that does not match the time of the year. Therefore, look for replacement slipcovers made from blended fabrics. The covers are versatile and go a long way in ensuring that your living room stays exciting throughout the year. For example, replacement chair covers made from woollen blend fabric are suitable for autumn or winter, while the breezier feel of cotton slipcovers makes them excellent for spring and summer.


Chair covers get dirty and need washing after some time. Besides, you might just want to change the pattern or colour to match your new cushions or bloom. Whichever is the case, you need more than one slipcover. However, it does not have to be the case since you can easily find reversible slipcovers as replacements. As their name suggests, reversible replacement seat covers have two interchangeable sides. When one side gets dirty, or you want a different colour/pattern, you simply turn the other side. Therefore, rather than buy four individual replacement covers, you can save money and buy two.

Contact a local furniture store to learn more about replacement chair covers.