3 Stimulating Incentives To Elevate Your Patio Space With Teak Furniture

The timeless elegance of teak outdoor furniture cannot be surpassed when it comes to delivering classic appeal and functional practicality. Whether you choose A grade teak or any other, this hardwood matures beautifully and provides decades of use. While teak furniture carries a heftier price tag than other outdoor furniture options, it's longevity and resistance to harsh weather is well worth the expense. Here are some reasons to upgrade your patio space with teak outdoor furniture.

Unsurpassed Quality

It's no secret that hardwood teak can last you a lifetime. Within the teak world, several grades exist. A grade teak is known to be the best quality and carriers a heavier price tag than B and C grade teak. When a teak tree matures, it has a dense core in the middle of the trunk that looks darker than the rest of the wood. This is the heartwood of the tree – which is then converted into the finest quality A grade teak. This heavy and dense part of the wood is filled with natural oils to protect it from water damage and insects without much effort. While all teak furniture commands a significant expense, this once-in-a-lifetime investment for such high quality furniture makes it appealing to many homeowners.

Resistant To Weathering

Hardwood teak outdoor furniture is built to last, even in the harshest weather conditions, including rain, sun, winds and hail. That's why many homeowners prefer to invest in materials like teak, rather than lightweight materials like plastic and wicker that could get blown away or damaged in harsher climates. Since hardwood doesn't hold the sun's heat like plastic and metal, outdoor furniture made from this material remains comfortable even when it's scorching hot outside. Treating hardwood teak with special sealants and oils will help to increase its lifespan significantly.

Lower Maintenance

Teak outdoor furniture, especially A grade teak doesn't require much maintenance to stay in tiptop shape for a long time. Teak furniture needs a little cleaning a few times annually, but doesn't require anything out of the ordinary. You simply need to wash the wood with a mild cleaning agent, warm water and a brush and your teak furniture will look as good as new in no time. Timely maintenance removes dirt that accrues over time to keep your outdoor furniture looking top notch.  

Every home is different, so choosing the perfect furniture for your patio will depend on your personal style and taste. Consider investing in A grade teak and you'll probably never have to worry about outdoor furniture ever again.