Moving Day With Toddlers Underfoot: Four Essential Tips To Help Parents Survive

Moving with small children is hard on many levels. In addition to trying to purge their possessions as they cry, trying to pack as they unpack or explaining the emotional parts of moving, you also have to deal with the logistics of moving day.

Luckily, you can make moving day easier with these four essential tips:

1. Distract the kids on moving day

If you don't want kids underfoot as you move, you have to distract them on moving day. If you have a friend or neighbour who is willing to watch them, arrange a childminding session or a "playdate" out of your house to keep them out of the way. Alternatively, pay someone to come to your house and distract the little ones as you move, or buy them a mesmerising handheld video game or new toy to distract them.

2. Create an outlet for mimicking

If you don't have anything to distract the kiddos, they are likely to want to get involved in the action. It is natural for kids to mimic adults, and you should create an outlet for that urge. Have a few empty boxes that your children can carry to and from the truck. Alternatively, while you are packing, purposefully pack a few small boxes lightly (with towels, plastic toys or other lightweight items). On moving day, have those boxes in a special pile and put your little removalist in charge of them.

3. Schedule extra time for emotions, meltdowns and snacks

As you know from living with little ones, they can sometimes have big emotions. If possible, do not create a tight schedule on moving day. Instead, schedule everything with a two to four hour flexible window. That gives you the time you need to deal with meltdowns or other toddler issues without compromising your schedule.

4. Be clear about which vehicle your kids will get to ride in

If you have toddlers or young kids who love big trucks, they may be dismayed if they find out they don't get to ride in the cab of the moving truck. If you are hiring a moving truck you will be driving yourself, be clear before moving day about which of your kids will get to ride in the removalist truck and which have to ride in the family car.

If your kids know what to expect, it can help things to go more smoothly on moving day.