Benefits Of Using Roof Trusses

A large number of homeowners opt not to use trusses on their roofs because of the financial implications of such an undertaking. These homeowners therefore end up settling for stick framing for the roofs. While roof trusses may be an expensive addition to your house, they are definitely worth the expense. There are several advantages associated with the use of roof trusses over conventional stick framing. This article explores a few of these advantages, especially for the benefit of first-time homeowners.  

Roof Trusses Are Building-Specific

One of the major advantages that roof trusses have over stick framing is that trusses are engineered products. A roof truss is designed using advanced software applications that allow for greater attention to detail in the structure of the truss. With roof trusses, the one-size-fits-all rule is not applicable. This is because the trusses are designed with the specific properties of your roof in mind. For example, the truss will have a load-bearing capacity that corresponds to the specific weight of your roof. This is achieved through software analysis of the timber plates that the truss is made of.  Stick framing cannot achieve this level of specificity.

Flexible Designs

Another reason you should invest in a roof truss is that it offers the construction engineers and architects a great degree of flexibility in terms in the kind of designs they can come up with for your intended structure. For one, a single roof truss can be used over a much longer distance than a stick frame. This means that your structure will require fewer bearing locations on the inside, hence allowing for greater design flexibility.

An even greater advantage of this is that the use of roof trusses allows for the construction of highly unique structures that would otherwise cost a fortune if stick framing was to be used. Trusses also allow for construction of structures whose designs are too complex to be supported by conventional stick framing.  

Installation Of Trusses Is Much Faster

Last but not least, roof trusses are advantageous in terms of the installation requirements. This is because trusses are pre-fabricated off-site and come ready for installation. This is important in a number of ways. First, it helps to reduce the amount of time that the roof on your structure lies open.  This helps to prevent damage to interior parts of the structure. Secondly, it reduces the amount of work involved in truss installation, which translates to a lower service charge from truss installation professionals.

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